Welcome to the previously secret page. When I moved to gpEasy as a CMS system, I’d decided to let everyone in on the secret! I’ve copied it across here for completeness.

The little coat of arms which I’ve been using as a logo, are my registered arms with the SCA’s College of Heralds. Here’s a picture:


For those of you that speak heraldese, the blazon is:

Per fess vert and bendy Or and purpure, in chief a crescent Or.

One of the reasons I chose this device is because it is very easy to draw. The crescent is actually a big circle and small circle linked through the top, with the join line rubbed out! Very easy.

I’m very happy with them and think that they’re very nice arms, and it’s not just me saying so. To quote the Laurel King of Arms when he registered it:

“Nice Mamluk-style heraldry!”

He should know, since at the time it was Daud ibn Auda who was Laurel King of Arms, the person who did most of the research into Islamic Arms for the SCA.

The arms themselves are based on the arms of Baybars (Sultan Baybars al-Bunduqdari: “Pillar of the world and of the faith, sultan of Islam and of the Muslims, lord of kings and sultans, slayer of infidels and polytheists, supporter of the truth, helper of mankind, ruler of the two seas lord of the qibla and servant of the Holy Places, reviver of the illustrious caliphate the shadow of God on earth, partner of the Commander of the Faithful, Baybars, son of ‘Abd-Allah, the former slave of al- Salih, may God strengthen his authority), who evicted the Franks from the Holy Land. His arms were:
Per fess gules and bendy sinister Or and sable, in chief a lion passant argent.

For those of you who need the picture:


And that dear reader is the story behind the little picture that used to be on all on my web pages.


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