Sydney is blessed with some of the best temperate / sub-tropical water snorkelling in the world. I’d spent 40 years out of the water, and was introduced to snorkelling by Alonya, my Kiwi wife and Linda, one of my fencing students. Both of these ladies basically dragged me into the water with a wetsuit on, and told me to just enjoy myself. The wetsuit was the key, as up to that point I’d freeze in anything below about 25°C, but with a wetsuit I was warm and happy. Since then, I’ve tried to get as much time in the water as I can.

I got lucky, as the people who got me into snorkelling were very experienced. Alonya is a qualified PADI dive instructor, and Linda is a fish who’s been doing this for over 20 years. One thing I have noticed though is there is a real dearth of information on snorkelling in and around Sydney, and what’s possible. So these pages are my attempt to fill some of that information hole.

Snorkelling Information on the Site: