Welcome to my new general purpose blog space! I’m transferring everything to WordPress from my old IINET webpage because it’s just so much more convenient to manage. Don’t worry if you follow my Renaissance Fence blog, as that will still be running. This will be for my non-fencing stuff that I write.

Over the years I’ve written a lot of material for reenactment groups and my other hobbies. I’ve had some of it online for quite a while, but this site is my chance to pull all material into one easily managed place.

The material will generally be categorised as follows:

  • Costuming – posts about costuming for reenactment purposes.
  • Cucina – My favourite recipes, recipes for some of the feasts I’ve run, and general posts about historical cuisine.
  • Reenactment stuff – General reenactment stuff, mostly stuff that doesn’t fit into a hard and fast category.
  • Snorkeling – Information about snorkeling, mostly about the waters in and around Sydney.

The category list may grow, but that’s the beauty of WordPress – it’s much easier to manage.



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